Engineered Oak Floor Restoration, Corley Moore, Coventry, West Midlands

Engineered Oak looking tired and worn out
Our customer wasn’t sure that their floor could ever look as they would have liked it, they didn’t like the orange colour of the floor they felt it looked dated and wasn’t to their taste. They didn’t know much about the history of the floor, as it was inherited when they bought the property in Corley Coventry.

Engineered Oak Wood Floor Sanding restoration Corley Moore Coventry

The engineered Oak floor flowed throughout the downstairs hallway into the main lounge and also a small office. The hallway had taken most of the wear with scuffs and scratches and little to no finish left in the doorway, which had blackened due to it no longer being protected by a seal, but the walkways in the lounge had also suffered several years of heavy wear. With Dogs and small children, the finish we use would need to be suitable for a high level of foot traffic.





Let the Transformation Begin.
The first day was spent removing all of the old finish. We started in the small domestic office as this required the least amount of work, we then moved into the lounge and worked our way into the hallway and out of the door.

We sanded the floor working through various grades of abrasives, working from the roughest grade right up to a smooth grade to give a silky-smooth finish.


Day Two Application of the Finish

Day two after a quick vacuum to remove any dry dust of debris we are ready to apply the finish. Today we are using a top-quality 2K product from our supplier Pallmann, called Magic Oil. The oil really brings out the beauty and different colour tones in the floor, each and every plant has its own unique pattern and looks nourished and stunning after the application of two coats of oil, leaving the floor enriched and protected and looking amazing with a natural and durable finish.


The End ResultEngineered Oak Floating Floor Corley Moore Coventry Warwickshire West Midlands

The Floor no longer looked orange and dated, gone were all the scratches, dark patches, and heavy wear. The customer was delighted with the floor; she couldn’t believe it wasn’t a new floor. Another day another happy customer here in Corley, Coventry, West Midlands





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