What’s hiding under your Carpet?
Some floors are simply floors and other have a story. This tired old parquet floor in Leamington spa, had a tale to tell. The new owners of the wood floor, inherited it after moving into the property, to take care of their elderly mother. They took to renovating the house room by room, making it a safer, more appealing home for all of them to share. One day, our client lifted up the lounge carpet, to find the old tired and now unloved, parquet floor that had been there for over 50+years. The memories came flooding back, of when they were just a child, playing in the same room only then, with a beautiful parquet floor a far cry from how it was today.

Repairs and Restoration needed
The wood floor was completely uncovered showing the extent of the work that was needed, in order to renovate the floor fully. Missing and broken blocks around the edge of the room, would mean blocks that would match would need to be sourced. This felt daunting to our customer and they wondered if the floor was worth the trouble. Thankfully they decided it was best to consult an expert in this field. That’s where Ormrod Floor Sanding came in.

Full and Thorough Survey
damaged parquet floor

The floor, was really in a sorry state. We tested the floor for its stability. Looked for any damp and carried out our usual in depth survey. Wes removed a few loose blocks from around the edge of the room and we took them away to see if we could source suitable blocks, to restore the floor. Luckily we managed to source blocks of the same size and type, but the blocks were a little younger, being around 30yrs old.

Let the Restoration Begin
Our first job was to match the blocks the best way we could and secure them into place around the edges of the room, once we were happy that all blocks were secure, we commenced with the sanding.
There was a lot of old finish to remove, not to mention carpet glue, general grime and heavy wear in the main walkways.

Sanding well underway

parquet floor sanding ormrod floor sanding

The sanding was well underway, and the floor was already starting to show its potential. The individual colours within each and every block were simply stunning. Once sanding was complete, we filled the floor, the next and final steps would be to apply the finish.

Now For the Finishing Touches
The old lady was due to arrive home shortly; thankfully we managed to apply the finish before her arrival, which was two coats of premium quality oil from our suppliers Pallmann. Once the oil was applied, the floor looked stunning. And the clients were delighted with the results.

The Icing on the Cake
We love the work that we do. It’s hard, its back breaking and hard on the knees, but to see the elderly lady’s face, as she was shown the floor, it was as if she was taken back in time 50yrs, her face lit up and a big smile appeared. That is what it’s all about for us. Making that difference, turning back the clock and restoring something old and tired to its former glory.

parquet floor restored


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