Parquet Floor in Kenilworth

parquet wood floor sanding kenilworthWhat is hiding under your Carpet?
We had a call to go out and carry out a survey on a small hallway floor in Kenilworth. It is believed that the parquet floor, had been fitted when the house was first built in the early 1960-70’s. The floor had been covered by carpet for all the years the present owners can remember. Due to recently having the hallway decorated the carpet was pulled up to reduce risk whilst painting was carried out and the floor in its current poor state was discovered. This triggered the thoughts could this floor ever look good again?

Not sure which way to go.
Now that the floor was completely uncovered it was time to decide which way to proceed. To put the carpet back down or to call in the experts. Thankfully that is when we received the call; we carried out a full and thorough survey. The floor was very uneven, had lots of wear and plenty of carpet adhesive to remove, but we could see the floor had great potential and even though it looked bad it certainly was something we could work with. We submitted out quotation and waited for our client’s decision.

wood floor sanding kenilworth Full Floor Sanding and Re-finishing
It was an early start in Kenilworth, lots to do to bring this floor back to its former glory, but we were prepared and ready for the task ahead. We set to work firstly in removing any old carpet adhesive, grime and old worn finish. Once the stubborn top layer had been removed and the uneven floor was levelled using our industrial belt sander, we set to work on removing the finish around the edges and in all of the tight corners. Now we could bring in our fine finishing machine the spider a superb piece of equipment, and a great investment for us, from industry leaders Pallmann.


The Floor Is Really Taking Shape Now
With the surface removed the floor levelled and the spider having brought the floor to a fine finish the floor was really starting to show its true potential. The customer looked amazed as they saw their floor transform before their eyes. The Exquisite markings of each and every block, each one a unique pattern and tone.

Ready to Apply the Finish
The sanding was complete and we now apply the finish. We oiled the parquet blocks using two coats of premium quality Magic Oil from Pallmann. Magic by name and Magic by nature it truly brings out the natural beauty in the wood, leaving the floor nourished with a natural and durable finish

The End Result
Another tired old parquet floor in Kenilworth returned to its former glory. It’s always such a pleasure to work with parquet; again a truly stunning floor and clients were delighted with the results.

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