Parquet floor restoration KenilworthWe were asked to help with this parquet floor repair and restoration project in Honiley, Kenilworth. This was a 16th century property, once a part of the old Honiley Hall estate. The pitch pine parquet floor needed some tender loving care. This project included both restoration and wood repairs.

The property was once a coach house. It is a property full of character and charm, now modernised but maintaining many of the original features. The pitch pine parquet floor was just one of them.

Wood Repairs KenilworthThe new owners wanted to maintain the character but were disappointed in the condition and current state of the floor. The floor had many loose blocks and even some missing blocks. There are many challenges to face when looking to repair a wood floor.

The size and depth of the blocks were not standard. Therefore, we had to improvise! After some research, we were able to get our hands on some 130-year-old blocks of a similar size. However, we had to pad out the depth and cut down the length to match the blocks.

Pitch pine parquet floor repairs KenilworthWhen completing any wood repair work it is really important to invest time in getting the process correct. Any imperfections will be visible once the restoration is complete and will therefore stand out. This will inevitably detract from the overall appearance.

We began by carrying out the repairs and securing the blocks. Once this was complete, we set to removing any old finish and years of grime. We progressed through various sanding grades to achieve a level floor with a smooth even finish. Then 3 coats of finish were applied leaving the customer with a beautiful floor they could not only live with but to be proud of.

Some question whether their wood floors are in fact past the point of restoration. Some would have believed that it wasn’t possible to find similar blocks and the parquet floor could have been ripped up. Instead it was skilfully restored and kept the character and charm needed for such a beautiful property. If you would like to request a floor restoration quotation, please call today on 07716 212907.