Wood restoration KenilworthRestoring parquet floors is often thought to be more of a challenge than general floor sanding. Why is this? Parquet boards are all individual. This means that when sanding them, it is possible that damage is caused. Therefore, it is incredibly important to ensure that all necessary preparation is done.

If this preparation is not completed, then boards can become loose during the sanding process. Floor sanding equipment is high-powered. The sanding process requires the skilled operative to move from one side of the space to the other. If there is a slightly loose board, it can work its way entirely loose during the sanding process. These can therefore be easily damaged. Depending on damage, they may then need to be replaced. This possibility can be avoided, and all necessary steps should be undertaken to support this.

The Floor Sanding Process

Floor sanding KenilworthWhen wooden floors have been finished, the product immediately starts to age. It is essential that you select a wood product that is appropriate for your specific floor. Choosing an inappropriate wood finish will likely mean deterioration would happen quicker. It would likely offer insufficient protection for the natural wood underneath as well.

Our high-powered sanding machinery took all old coatings away. We work through different grit grades to achieve the finish required. This can be quite a painstaking process, but such a rewarding one!

The application of your chosen wood finish should be done methodically. This process should never happen until the sanding process has been completed and you are confident that all necessary preparation has been done. Time spent on this will inevitably offer a superior finish for each sanding project.

This project was a brilliant example of what transformations can be achieved with restoring parquet floors. We are so proud of the work we achieve and our passion for refinishing wood floors is clear. We are a great time and aim to offer an exceptional service. Call us today.