This is evidence of us repairing and restoring pine flooring in Keresley, Coventry. The project awarded to us meant that we were to tackle their lounge and bedroom. The images show the deteriorated state of the pine floor on arrival.

Did You Know?

As leading wood floor refinishing specialists, you can be sure of the highest quality finish with Ormrod Floor Sanding. Wood floors are meticulously prepared for the application of high-quality finishes. Our process ensures your wooden floors are hard-wearing and well-protected for the future. We believe that our dedication to quality sets us apart from our competition. We are incredibly passionate about our work and our customer service.

Restoration and Wood Floor Repairs

We got to work sanding the years of damage away from this pine flooring. The floor was uneven and damaged in places. It was important to take our time when repairing the necessary boards. Success of this process demands and understanding of wood floor repairs. When repairing a wood floor, it is important that all damaged elements are removed. Furthermore, any causes of issues then need to be removed. Only then can you consider replacement.

When replacing a board into your wood floor, it is important to select one that will fit in line with the surrounding boards. It is not a good idea to replace a board with one that is a different thickness or different type. If this is done you will either add a lot of unnecessary work or the repair will stand out like a sore thumb.

We take the time to complete all wood floor repairs carefully and methodically. Our client selected a walnut stain and lacquer for their preferred finish. The darker finish really does offer an incredible statement for any home. The wood finish is hard wearing and really compliments its surroundings.

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