Sanding pine floors for this client can sometimes be made more complex if wood repairs are needed. Damaged boards require repair when completing floor restoration work. If a particular board is beyond repair, it will then need replacing. We are able to source high-quality wood boards to complete all necessary wood floor repairs.

We were invited to help sand and repair the pine wood floors in two bedrooms of this property. It is clear from the images that the floors had seen much better days. They had been covered for many years and needed some TLC.

Sanding Pine Floors: Why Preparation is Key

So many get excited at the thought of sanding back the surface coatings on a wood floor. They envision sanding away the dirt, old finishes and years of wear. It is incredibly important to fully prepare the wood floor before starting the sanding process. The preparation part of the project seems time-consuming. However, it really does make a difference.

The wood repairs for this project took some careful planning. It was important to identify any boards that needed replacing. These were removed and replaced with new pine boards. All protruding nails or carpet grippers should be fully removed. Anything like this will damage your floor sanding machinery and will create more work later into the project.

Once all wood repairs and preparation are finished then it is time to start the floor sanding process.

This beautiful pine floor was finished with a high-quality wood lacquer, leaving a hard-wearing finish.

Our Advice

We often discuss value for money. Our pricing is transparent and competitive. However, we do not claim to be the cheapest floor sanders available. By selecting Ormrod Floor Sanding you are choosing time-served and trusted professionals. You are selecting a company who cares about restoring your wood floors and offering a brilliant service. The best service is not always the cheapest. We aim to offer true value for money in the level of service you receive and the finishes we achieve.

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