Wood worktops have seen a real resurgence recently. They are an on-trend alternative to granite and marble. Many feel they offer more warmth, depth and character. Furthermore, people also like the fact that they can be restored after years of use. There is less concern involved with wooden worktops if unfortunately, damage is caused. With the help of wood restoration experts, your wooden surfaces can be sanded back and refinished.

Re-sanding Wood Worktops

Wood finishes for worktops BirminghamThis is a really popular service of ours. Wooden worktops can be fully sanded back using our dustless sanding system. The great thing about this (especially for kitchens) is the fact that virtually no dust is created in the process. This is something that we are very aware of but plays a pivotal part of this service. Understandably, people are aware that they do not want to cause hygiene issues within their kitchen. Furthermore, they also like to think that disruption can be kept to a minimum.

Our kitchens are often the busiest room of our house. It is important that we are able to complete the wood restoration process quickly and efficiently. The surfaces are sanded back by going through various grades of sandpaper, to produce an extremely smooth finish. This process works as preparation for the application of a wood finish product.

It is important that we find the exact balance of achieving what our clients want visually and offering a hard-wearing finish. Worktops are used daily and experience challenging factors. If a poor-quality wood finish is used, then it will not last. You will be faced with the prospect of restoring them once again or in worst cases, the expense of replacement.

We agree that wood worktops offer real character for any kitchen. They bring a warmth and depth that stone worktops often cannot replicate. If you would like to request a worktop restoration quote, please get in touch by calling 07716 212907.