We may be biased, but wood worktops offer something that other worktop types cannot compete with. Wooden worktops are incredibly versatile, and this often is a reason as to why they compliment so many different settings. Another benefit is the fact that wooden worktops can be fully sanded and restored if they become damaged.

Our client commented:

“Absolutely thrilled to bits with our restored worktops I thought we had ruined them but Lorraine and Wes worked absolute magic and they now look fabulous would highly recommend Ormrod flooring fantastic job.”

Wood Worktops – Our Top Tips:

Wood worktops RugbyIt is important to mop up any spillages. An effective way of maintaining your wood worktops is to keep them as dry as possible. Trying to prevent spillages is of great importance. However, it is not possible to totally eliminate spillages happening. If you come across a spillage, it is important to blot the area with a cloth as soon as possible. If liquid is allowed to sit on the surface, it will inevitably seep into the timber and create areas of damage.

When it comes to cleaning your wooden worktops then it is important to use a gentle cleaning product. You should never use a scouring pad or multi-purpose detergents which will deteriorate the surface protection. If using a wet cloth, a top tip is to make sure that it is damp and not wet. Spend time finding the best products to allow confidence with regular cleaning.

Another top tip is to protect your worktops from heat. As a natural material, wood worktops are easier to stain in terms of heat damage. Scorch marks may appear if you place hot items directly on the surface of the wood. Chopping boards or heat protectors will help protect the surface from any heat damage.

A final top tip is to avoid cutting directly on the surface. Chopping boards offer an essential item to protect your worktop. Directly cutting on the surface will wear down the wood and allows bacteria into the timber. This becomes unhygienic and unsightly.

With the correct maintenance and care, wooden worktops can last for generations. Their appearance can improve with age. Don’t forget to contact your local wood restoration specialist to request their help with re-finishing your worktops. Their advice will be very valuable to elongating the lifespan of your wonderful wooden worktop. Call today on 07716 212907.