Restoring Pine Floors Bedworth Wood Refinishing BedworthWood floors are incredibly popular. They are being laid in many new homes. However, an interesting part of our job is when an old wooden floor is discovered. Some wood floors have been hidden under other flooring for years. They may have been hidden by carpets or rugs, only to be discovered by new homeowners.

A challenge that we face with this type of wood floor is that they are likely damaged. This damage can be varied but it is important that a plan is put together in order to skilfully restore it. When a floor is sanded, the finish should look even and like brand new. This certainly is a challenge that has not been cared for in many years (or even decades).

We were invited to restore this pine floor in Bedworth, Warwickshire. The images show the level of damage that it had experienced. It also showed where the wood floor had been finished around the edges and covered in the middle with what we assume to be a rug.

Floor Sanders BedworthWe needed to work hard in order to strip back the pine boards and all old coatings. Our floor sanding machinery did this. An edge sander is needed in order to tackle the outer surfaces of the room.

However, it is important to ensure that even though you are using different floor sanding machines that the appearance you achieve is seamless. This takes time and experience and creates a perfectly restored wood floor, ready for finishing.

It is important that you carefully select your wood finish products. We use PALLMANN products; these are carefully selected from their comprehensive range, depending on what is needed for the job. PALLMANN wood products are incredible and offer hard-wearing and durable surface finishes.

Wood floors should be easy to maintain and clean once they have been restored. We furnish all of our clients with information so that they can confidently do this, with ease.

Are you considering sanding your wood floors? Would you like a quote? Please call us today on 07716 212907. We will be happy to help and would welcome the opportunity to quote for your floor sanding work.