Sanding mahogany flooring is very rewarding. Especially when the wood floors start off in particularly poor state. The mahogany floors flowed throughout this beautiful home. It was part of a larger restoration, so it was great to be part of their journey.

The Floor Sanding Process

We use a range of abrasive grits to remove all old coatings and imperfections. These imperfections may be scratches, dents, paint or generally dull areas. This process works to prepare the wood floor’s surface so that we can achieve a satisfactory surface finish. A stain or lacquer can then be applied once the surface is appropriately prepared. Time invested in this process is important to the overall success of the job.

Every project we take on is individual. This is part of the reason our job is so enjoyable. The process to prepare the floor is methodical. You can essentially see the years of wear vanishing. We are then able to breathe new life into it with new wood finishes.

Mahogany wood floors have a particular warmth to them. It was important therefore that a wood finish was selected that would compliment this. Furthermore, with the extensive naturel of this mahogany wood floor, it was vital that the floor was hard-wearing and long-lasting.

The science of wood products has come on so much in recent years. The products are incredible and when carefully selected can offer incredible finishes. Are you considering sanding mahogany flooring? It may be that you floor is in a worse condition. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Wood floor restoration works to completely transform old and worn wood floors. We will always give our honest opinion and advice to support the process and give you an insight into the finish we think we can achieve. Call today to request a floor sanding quotation on 07716 212907.

A client commented:

“Wow! I’m delighted with how you’ve restored my wooden floor. You worked so hard on it and went the extra mile to ensure it was perfect. I’m getting lots of people asking who did the work and I’m very happy to recommend you.” – Rebecca Swan