Wood Restoration CrickWe have been busy sanding mahogany floors in Crick, Northampton. This is another tired old floor which had been hidden for many years by carpet. The new owners pulled up the carpet in their lounge, hallway and study to find a solid mahogany floor. This original floor was most likely laid at the time the house was built in the early 1950’s. As this type of floor was quite common around this time.

On inspection the floor was covered in plaster dust, paint splashes and showed years of grime and wear. The new owners were unsure of the potential of the wood floor but wanted to try to save it if it was possible. They realised a solid wood floor is a big investment and when restored correctly can add great value to your home.

When we arrived, we set about removing all of the old carpet grippers and staples that were used to hold the old carpet in place. Once the floor was clear we started the sanding process. When the old finish was removed and a whole fresh surface had been cut the floor started to show signs of great promise.

Sanding Mahogany Floor NorthamptonThe customer did not like the deep dark tones of the current finish on the floor. They really wanted something a little lighter but resigned themselves to living with whatever the wood gave them. However we explained that we were able to use (what in all effects is) an invisible finish. This effectively achieves an almost raw wood look.

It would slightly deepen the tone compared to raw but would hold a much lighter tone. Their mahogany wood floor would be perfectly protected with a really nice matt finish. So, this is what they opted for. The results speak for themselves. An old, tired floor looking as nice, if not nicer, than the day it was laid.

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