Wood floor problems Solihull Damaged wood floors SolihullSanding pine floors such as these can be extremely rewarding. It is a well-known fact that wood floors can deteriorate over time. There are many reasons and influences for this. However, the following information has been put together in order to try and outline the main problems for wood floors. Most of the problems are related to moisture. Some of these causes include water under or on the floor, high humidity and possibly poor installation.

Each of these can cause issues for wooden floors but some want to know how this may appear. Your wood floor will show signs of deterioration and some of these include:

  • Cracking or separation between individual boards. Homes are well heated in winter. This can cause wooden boards to shrink and therefore spaces may appear between boards. These issues may correct themselves in the summer months. However, action can be taken in order to prevent these becoming longer term issues.
  • Floor sander SolihullWood floor issues SolihullCupping is when the edges of the individual boards are higher than its centre. The cause of this is moisture that causes expansion of the wood. Liquid spillages can be the cause of this as well as other things. Essentially it is a result of a moisture imbalance through the wood board.
  • Crowning is the opposite of cupping. The cause again will likely be an imbalance of moisture. If a wood floor is over exposed to water or is in an area of high humidity, this issue can be caused.
  • Buckling is the least common of the issues. However, it is the most severe. This is when the wood boards pull up from the subfloor. This can result in a small or a larger height variation but are likely to easily visible. There are ways in which the floor can be saved. However, this process will need some lengthy wood repair techniques and a professional should always offer help with this.

Sanding Pine Floors SolihullWood floor sanding SolihullWe recently restored this beautiful pine floor in Balsall Common in Solihull. We are extremely experienced at sanding pine floors. The floor had aged but we were confident that we could restore it to like new.

Our client was ecstatic with the results we achieved. If you would like to find out more about our floor sanding services or how to help with wood floor problems, please call 07716 212907.