Before going into the future of dustless floor sanding, it is important to understand exactly what it is. Dustless floor sanding uses an advanced filtration system to draw away the dust and particles created in the sanding process. While the sanding machinery grinds the surface of the wooden boards, the filter collects all particles. These particles are contained and therefore easy to dispose of, without making mess.

We do tend to get asked whether it is truly ‘dustless’. The answer is pretty simple. Although the machinery and process use the term dustless, it effectively removes over 99% of the dust created in the process. This is an incredible improvement from the more traditional floor sanding process. The introduction of the newer style of sanding wood floors really did transform the trade. However, there are further advances which are really exciting.

What does the future hold for dustless floor sanding?

nuneaton floor sanding pine floor nuneatonAs a transformative process, moving forward the technology continues to develop and evolve over time. What could possibly make it better? It is likely that the next development will make the entire process more efficient and eco-friendlier. Newer machinery has enhanced capability in relation to the collection of the dust and particles. With even less escaping, there is less impact on the environment.

It is rumoured that manufacturers will work to make floor sanding machinery quieter. Further to this, they should consume less power and be lighter. This will make working easier and a less physical process. A really exciting element is that there are also efforts to make sustainable disposal methods. This will make the process even more environmentally friendly.

This information shows how ground-breaking invention dustless sanding is. The process works to promote a cleaner, more efficient and healthier alternative. This trade has come on leaps and bounds from the more traditional methods of sanding wooden floors. There are a multitude of benefits this process offers. This includes a superior finish, less mess created and improved health aspects. It proves that it is an exciting time for floor sanding and our flows seamlessly through to our passion for restoring wood floors. Call us today on 07716 212907.