We are wood refinishing experts serving Kidderminster. Some jobs are really special! Never is there more character than in an old, traditional home. We were invited to restore and refinish this beautiful natural wood floor in this 200-year-old cottage in Kidderminster, Worcestershire.

While so many of us aspire to have such characterful elements to our homes, from a practical perspective, old wooden floors can provide many challenges.

What challenges might an old wood floor provide?

Floor sander KidderminsterIt is likely that they have experienced damage over the years. This may mean that they have had repair work completed on them. It is important than any wood repair work is done by professionals to ensure that the repair is long lasting.

Old wood floors are likely to offer individual idiosyncrasies. Taking into consideration they were laid many, many years ago, old wood floors are quirky. It is unlikely that they will be flat and uniform. Therefore, it is really important that your wood restoration techniques take this into account. When sanding floors, the movement needs to be uniform. This is where experience really does mean so much as you are able to tailor the sanding process as the floor demands.

Old floors are likely to have characterful characteristics. These may include dents, scratches and other signs of its true age. While the floor sanding process will work to reduce these, in some cases it is impossible to eliminate these. Some agree that this adds to the character and tells the story of the floor’s history. We will happily discuss any possible limitations to our floor sanding projects prior to work commencing.

How to Refinish Wood Floors

As with any other project, the old coatings need to be removed. When floors have been down for such a considerable amount of time, this can be quite a long process. Methodically work your way through the grades of sanding paper until the entire floor is smooth. A hard-wearing and natural finish should then be applied by hand. Got a question about wood finishes and which ones are best for your wood restoration project? Call our wood refinishing experts today on 07716 212907.