When you are preparing to restore your wood flooring, you may get overwhelmed by all the wood floor products available. We are quite happy to say that there are so many. Some like this fact as it gives them an opportunity to spend time selecting the best colour or finish. On the other hand, some feel as though too much choice complicates things.

Wood Floor Products NuneatonFor those that find it complicates things, they may not want to hear that there are over 60 colours to choose from. This image shows a few different colours including smoked oak, wenge and sucupira. There are generally quite deep colours. However, there are as many lighter colours as possible if you are looking to a space that is bright and neutral.

Wood Floor Products – Test Before you Choose

We often find that when our clients are selecting their wood floor products that they find the process easier if they can see the examples they choose. Some clients select a short list of colours and then want to see them on the actual floor. This offers an insight into what the floor will look like when compete. As you are looking at the colours in the same light and under the same conditions.

This also eliminates the risk of making the wrong decision and regretting your choice. Investing some time into this process will mean you end up with a result that is tailored to what you like. Our homes are an extension of our personality. So let your personality shine through. We are on hand to help and support in any way that we can.

Got questions? Get in touch by calling 07716 212907. We aim to be your one-stop shop for all things related to wooden floors. We have the option of environmentally friendly products and after care advice that will help you get the most from your wood floor.