Herringbone flooring has seen a real resurgence. And it is clear to appreciate why. They are one of the most striking flooring alternatives and offer such an incredible statement to any home or business.

Some clients ask whether a herringbone style floor is more expensive than other wood flooring. The answer is that these options are generally more expensive than a larger wooden plank floor. The difference in price is generally due to the intricate and time-consuming craftsmanship required for installation.

However, so many of our clients feel the additional expense is worth it. Herringbone floors are a timeless choice. The pattern was first used in the 16th century, and it has clearly stood the test of time as it remains to be such a popular alternative.

Herringbone Flooring – Our Installation Tips

There are clear and concise tips to ensure the best possible result when installing any herringbone floor.

Wood Floor Experts Leamington SpaOur first tip is to make sure that you level the subfloor underneath. Levelling of the subfloor is more important than usual for a herringbone installation, as the small blocks are less able to disguise any dips and ridges. The end result will show any undulations and may cause the corners of the blocks to be slightly raised.

Our second tip is to plan your layout. Establishing where the pattern needs to fall is vital for a high-quality finish. Parquet flooring has such a strong visual impact, the central V pattern should be aligned. This could be the main entry doorway to a room, but it could also be a key feature in the room.

Another tip is to make sure that you mix the blocks you are installing. Mixing blocks from different packs is always good practice. This avoids patches or strips of colour and allows an even finish throughout.

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