Getting a floor sanding quote should be a simple process. What might be advisable is to collect a couple of different quotations. This offers you an insight into the trade and also lets you compare the prospective companies. It may be that you ultimately feel more comfortable with one, rather than another.

A top tip is to make sure that you make sure the quotes are comparable. In this, it should be documented the list of works to be completed. It should also outline all materials needed and a cost for both labour and materials.

Floor Sanding Quote LeicesterGone are the days where you should get a quick message to confirm the estimated cost. There will always be eventualities where the order of work may need to be updated. However, this should be formally outlined and discussed. For both parties, the schedule of works should be clear so there is no confusion moving forward.

Floor Sanding Quote

Organising the quote will offer a brilliant insight into the company you are looking to employ. Are they easy to get hold of? Can they arrange a quote a time that is convenient? Do they discuss the order of work during the quotation process? Are any questions that you may have answered to your satisfaction?

Each of these aspects in isolation may not seem like the most important factors. However, combined, it will offer you great confidence about the company you choose to employ. We work hard to offer our clients with assurance throughout the process of dealing with us and beyond. This allows us to build a wide client base. Furthermore, it allows us the opportunity to look after and care for our clients’ wooden floors for as long as we are allowed.

If you are looking for a floor sanding quotation, please get in touch by calling 07716 212907. We look forward to working with you.