Some believe that hardwood flooring is not suitable for homes with children. However, the following information has been put together in order look further into this. Parents need to consider both safety and practicality when selecting a floor for their home. Hardwood floors really are a superior alternative for family homes. Why?

Sanding Hardwood Flooring Leamington SpaAccidental Spillages

Let’s face it, accidents happen with children. They can create a whirlwind of mess in a split second. Food, drinks, crayons, sand and paint are just some examples of what will end up landing on your floor.

Wood flooring offers a simpler way of cleaning messes. As a hard and flat surface, it can easily be wiped with a damp cloth. Our top tip? Clean up the mess at your earliest opportunity. Stubborn stains can offer more of a challenge but there are always options available to fully remove these stains.

Child Safety

It is a common misconception that hardwood flooring is dangerous if a child falls. Wood is a natural shock absorber which means your child is less likely to harm themselves in comparison to falling on tiles or other flooring.


You would never want to restrict your children from playing on your floor. However, they will likely drop items, drag items and scrape toys across the surface of your wood floor. Rest assured that there are many options available in relation to sanding and restoring your hardwood flooring. We have vast experience in the wood restoration trade and take great pride in producing the most incredible restoration results for our clients.

Our client recently commented:

“We are thrilled with the excellent service Ormrod flooring provided, the finish is totally amazing it’s transformed our house.” – Tom Dwyer

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