Floor Sander CoventryFloor Sanding CoventryThese images show us sanding parquet floors in Coventry. To be professional floor sanders you need to be passionate about what you do. For continued success you need to be driven to:

  • Invest in the best-available floor sanding machinery
  • Continue learning and training in all new techniques
  • Continuously critique the wood finish products that you use to ensure they are the best available for your work
  • Offer each and every customer the best possible service in terms of finishes and in terms of the rapport and relationships you build with them
  • Expand your service areas
  • Ensure that every contact your clients have with your company is positive

We were asked to sand this Parquet floor in Coventry. When we arrived the quote for the work it was evident that although the wood floor was steeped in history, it needed some care to breathe new life into it.

The wood finish was dark, the floor was uneven, and the once visible beautiful wood grain was hardly visible anymore. We set to work to complete a wood restoration transformation for our client.

Wood Refinishing Coventry Wood Restoration CoventryThe old coatings are removed in this process and the top layer of damaged wood is sanded away. This uncovers fresh and beautiful wood underneath. There were a range of techniques that we used for the floor sanding project in order to ensure that uneven boards were fixed.

Part of this process was using the edge sander in order to achieve a smooth finish for the individual Parquet boards. Although this is time consuming, this made a really big difference to the overall project.

That is part of our passion for what we do. We work efficiently and effectively to produce the best available floor sanding work. This Parquet was completely transformed.

When completed, the Parquet boards were even, there were no gaps in between them, and the natural grain shone through. If you would like to request a floor sanding quote, please call 07716 212907.