Floor Sanding & Wood Restoration  

Our wood restoration services can transform wooden floors! We were recently called out to survey an unusual floor in Kidderminster. The floor consisted of oak and mahogany boards with a maple border. The boards were black due to age and the previous finish. The customer had reclaimed the flooring and the history of the maple was very interesting. It had been recovered from an old Tobacco factory in the Midlands, which dated back over a 100yrs.The cottage itself is nearly 200yrs old and had many original features.

Even though the work we were carrying out was for a domestic customer, we needed to carry out an extensive risk assessment as the side banister rail would need to be removed to give us full access to the floor, it’s vital to ensure the health and safety of both us and our client.

Let the Restoration Begin

Day one is always the hardest. First job is to remove any old finish, which I have to say this one was tough. Using our Professional Machinery the Pallmann Spider to eat through the old finish, Wes had the first cut done by tea break. We continued to work our way up through the various grades, and soon the floor was ready for filling.

We could now see the wonderful variations in colour, and it was hard to believe this floor was once all black. The pattern in the floor was beautiful, and the maple edging really enhanced the overall look of the floor.

Filling Complete Time for the application of a Finish

The floor was taking shape and we couldn’t wait to apply the pallmann magic oil. The oil not only nourishes the wood, but it brings out the depth of colour and shows off the grain enhancing the natural beauty of the floor.

Two coats of magic oil later, I think you will agree the floor looks amazing, customer was delighted too.

If your wood floor is looking a little unloved and worse for wear, don’t despair give us a Call Today to see how we can help you bring your tired floors back to life. Call 07716 212907. Or simply drop us a message.