Sanding wood floors West MidlandsFloor sanding West MidlandsThese images show us sanding pine boards for a customer we have worked for previously. We had restored their lounge which consisted of repairs, sanding, staining and lacquering. Furthermore, we had restored the wooden floors in their main bedroom. This floor was finished in a natural finish. However, their budget constraints meant that they could only afford to get the two floors done at any one time.

The back bedroom and the landing had been painted white and grey by the previous owners. Unfortunately, the current owners hated those floors, especially now after having seen the lounge and front bedroom restored professionally by us.

Natural wood finishes West MidlandsThey started to strip the paint on the bedroom floor themselves, spending a couple of hours each night scraping away on their hands and knees. Although the topcoat was coming away, layers from years of painting still remained. Realising the task was just too great they resigned themselves to the fact the only way to get the floors looking how they wanted was to wait and call us back in once funds allowed.

We Got to Work

The rear bedroom floor was very uneven and was caked in layer after layer of old paint. This had filled the edges of the boards and even using professional equipment was a hard and laborious task. It took some aggressive sanding to get the floor level and to remove the layers from the surface.

The hardest stage was getting all of the old finish from the floor. However, once this was achieved the rest was plain sailing. We worked through the various grades to achieve a smooth and even finish. This meant we were ready to apply the walnut stain which was to flow through to the landing meeting up with the stairs.

Refinishing pine boards West MidlandsWood floor restoration West MidlandsThe landing had a few minor repairs to do before we started to remove the grey paint from the floor. Our larger machines were of no use in the tight area so due to the restricted space. Therefore, there was a lot more work to do by hand. We sanded and stained the floor, so it flowed through. We then applied two coats of a quality hard wearing lacquer to protect the floor.

While we were there we also replaced some boards in the lounge. A few months after the lounge had been finished a guest who had visited had an unfortunate accident. When throwing themselves down to sit on the newly installed sofa one of the floorboards weakened and cracked beneath the sofa leg. We inspected the area and installed three new boards to ensure the floor was secure. This removed the weak spot under the sofa leg.

Sanding pine boards West MidlandsIt was nice to see the floor we restored earlier in the year, with all the personal touches that make it a home. The room is beautifully decorated to compliment the floor, we don’t always get to see the final result only the finished floor.

The couple were very happy with the results of the floor restoration here is the review after the job was completed.

“Wes and Lorraine totally transformed our wooden floors. They were covered in paint and old stain and are now a lovely golden colour. They were considerate throughout the process and were very helpful and knowledgeable. We’ve used Wes and Lorraine in the past and wouldn’t hesitate to use them again” – Samuel H-C

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