Wood restoration Company Warwickshire Sanding worktops WarwickshireSanding wood worktops is extremely satisfying with work such as these. We were invited to restore and refinish these bar tops for a pub in Nuneaton, Warwickshire. They were in extremely poor condition. Their dark and dated appearance no longer suited the look of the pub as their renovation work got started. Sanding the worktops was just part of a total renovation project, revamping the entire pub.

The Oak floor had been restored by us in the early stages of the renovation project. The entire look of the pub was lighter and brighter which made the bar tops stand out even more. It made them stand out for the wrong reasons and brought down the look of the bar space.

Sanding wood worktops NuneatonRestoring wood bartops Nuneaton The new décor was going to be industrial modern design using grey and natural wood tones. They decided that the dated chocolate brown wood tones were now out of date.

The bar tops were sanded back to bare wood. This is achieved by going through the various grades to produce an ultra-smooth finish. This allows for true preparation for the lacquering process. Several coats of lacquer were applied to achieve the level of sheen that complimented the décor and flooring. It is important that we work together with our clients in order to achieve the exact look that then envision. This is all part of our customer service and professional approach.

Sanding wood bartops NuneatonWood finishes WarwickshireThe end result was even better than any of us could have imagined. The entire space was completely transformed. It no longer looked dark and dingy, but instead a light, bright, modern and welcoming feel.

These pictures show how sanding wood worktops can transform an area within your home or business. Wood work tops and bar tops need to be extremely hard wearing because of their use. Therefore, it is important that you research the best wood finish for your project.

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