A herringbone parquet floor is one of the most beautiful wood floors. Nothing oozes sophistication more than a parquet floor. They are timeless, striking and offer a warm and characterful alternative as a floor covering. We are very passionate about restoring parquet floors. Our passion for wood floors means that we are able to bring our best approaches and techniques to restore them.

To see the process itself for sanding parquet floors is really interesting. Seeing images of the process is brilliant. However, we thought it would be great for you to see the project from start to finish in a video. This video shortens the process but takes you on the journey of transforming this wood floor.

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Herringbone Parquet Floor – Our Journey:

Prior to starting the sanding process, it is important to inspect the boards. If there are any loose boards, they will need fixing down prior to beginning the floor sanding stage. If this is not done, they will likely come loose during sanding, and this can cause even more damage to your wood floor.

The sanding process then begins, with the confidence that all the boards are fixed. As you can see in the video, this part of the process takes off the top layer of old finish and wood. This reveals a beautifully clean and natural boards underneath.

Following this, all the edges are sanded in order to produce a smooth and seamless finish. This is quite a detailed part of the process but allows a superior finish. It also fully prepares the parquet flooring for its wood finish. This is applied by hand throughout the area we are transforming. The result is incredibly hard wearing and lustrous wood floors.

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