Restoring wooden worktops offers us great reward. It is great to see the process of sanding and restoration. Furthermore, it is fantastic to guide our clients to the point of completion where you get to see their reaction. With experience, it is easy for us to know exactly what is possible. However, actually creating beautiful and timeless wood worktops is always guaranteed to impress.

Restoring Wooden Worktops – Why?

Wood sanding Warwickshire They can experience scratches, dullness, and damage. Daily wear and tear do take their toll on this natural material. This is when you can call on the assistance of a wood worktop restoration specialist. We have over 20 years of experience. As a husband-and-wife team, we bring great passion to our family business. Working hard comes very naturally to us.

During the process, the worktops are sanded back to bare wood. How is this achieved? We use various grades of sandpaper to produce an ultra-smooth finish. Time taken with this process offers great reward and results.

This allows for true preparation for the finishing process. Several coats of product are applied to achieve required finish. It is important that we work together with our clients in order to achieve the exact look that then envision. This is all part of our customer service and professional approach. You can be sure of outstanding results every time. Get in touch by calling 07716 212907.