Floor Restoration CoventryWood floor restoration projects offer varying challenges. We were told that this floor was originally laid in the early 1900’s by the previous owner. This individual is now in his late 90’s. He confirmed that he hadn’t touched the floor in over 50 years. It was indeed in need of some TLC.

The wooden blocks were moving, and the floor looked well used, tired and very worn in places. This was due to so many years of foot traffic and wear. Day one we set to lifting, cleaning, re fitting and securing all of the loose blocks. This in itself was quite a painstaking yet rewarding process.

After leaving the blocks to set overnight we returned the next day to carry out the sanding of the floor. This was really uneven and quite a challenge. Once sanded up to a certain grade, our customer required us to fill the gaps in the floor. We did this before sanding up to the final smooth grade and preparing the floor for a natural hard-wearing finish.

This was an unusual, one-of-a-kind floor. Our customer loved the end result and even commented that they wish the floor ran through the rest of the house.

Restoring Wood Floors Coventry

Sanding Wood Floors Coventry

Wood Floors Make a Statement

These pictures really do speak volumes for the fact that wood floors create a unique statement. They are timeless and are often treasured. Adding character to a house can sometimes be a challenge. Anyone considering installation of wooden floors should consider it a wise choice.

We use our dustless sanding system to carefully sand wood floors. This ensures virtually no mess during the process. We offer the option of environmentally friendly products and always give after care advice. We will always go the extra mile to deliver the best possible results for wood floor restoration. Call today on 07716 212907.